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Nice :)

very smooth animetion, you had a good storyline, and a kickass bg music.

only thing was that the dialogues go a little too fast at times, I barely had time to keep up.

other than that, I loved it, make more like this, we need quality submissions here :)

not bad...

...for a stick short. just because it is a stick movie and there are a lot of assholes out there, this might get blammed, but I don't think it should.

it is very simple, yet it has some charm to it. just work on your drawing and think of a plot next time and maybe make a longer movie, but one step at a time. loved the music, it was catchy :)

sexysexybicycle responds:

It wasn't supposed to have a plot. It was just a simple little gag. Nothing more, nothing less. If you liked the music, you should check out the soundtrack to the movie "Crumb". It's got lots of fun catchy tunes like that in it.


Nice! siento no haber podido estar aqui para cuando aun esaba en judgment, pero si la vi el dia de release :)

me gusto, aunque no e visto todas las peliculas de Jason (y las que e visto fue hace un par de aƱos) entendi la mayoria del humor, y lo qeu no entendia en que estaba basado aun era gracioso.

anyway, felicidades, y gracias por al fin honrarnos con esta pelicula tan esperada :) sigue asi :)

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not bad.

just one thing: in the part where you ad to "guess" the code, it didn't matter what numbers I pressed, the right number came out, was this meant to be like that?


brings back memories....
I loved the intro and the way they change when you eat the special...whatever they are, can't really tell.
keep it up!

BlackerOuT responds:

Gracias Nemox!
Thanks dude

Perfect 10's and 5!

Haha, that was freaking hilarious, even though I felt sorry for the little fella.
You HAVE to make more like this!

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